How to cut a Normal-SIM into a nano-SIM?

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How to cut a Normal-SIM into a nano-SIM?

  • 2012-09-18 10:45:24
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TipsTricks / Smartphones How to cut a Normal-SIM into a nano-SIM?
Planning on buying the iPhone 5? one of the changes within the new iPhone 5 is that it uses a brand new SIM card known as the nano-SIM (also referred to as the 4FF). Such a move is not new to Apple, that was one in all the primary companies to adopt the earlier micro-SIM (or 3FF) once it launched the iPhone four. the reason it is given is that any space saved on the SIM card can give additional for internal elements. I got my hands on one in all these new nano-SIM cards and tell you what is so totally different concerning it.

Wondering how to convert your normal SIM into a Nano SIM? Well, dont fret as a step-by-step guide for doing a similar is available. Be forewarned, it is not as simple as changing a standard SIM to a Nano SIM and we haven\'t tried the method ourselves considering the iPhone five is not available, yet.

According to the how-to guide, it is better to attach ones SIM to the printed template with double sided tape, then one should use a marker to outline the area that has to be cut. Once the outlines are marked, one will cut the SIM using scissors, and one will even snip off the contacts, because the actual chip is far smaller. once this is often done, one simply should around the edges with a sandpaper file. One will download the template from here and the image should be scaled 100 percent before printing on an A4 size sheet.

We about hearing regarding Nano SIM cutters, however, we cannot vouch for their effectiveness till we cannot check the SIMs on an iPhone 5.
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